Monday, July 19, 2010

Saying Goodbye to St. Edwin's Orphanage

The purpose of Saturday's visit
to St. Edwin's orphanage was
two-fold. Of course I needed
to tell them good-bye but I
also wanted to play some
games with the children.

The first part of the visit
was spent with Edwin and
Ruth eating and drinking
Chai. This kind of
hospitality is normal in
African homes.

Then I was able to introduce Match Game and Uno to the children.
What fun! Vivian, a beautiful sixth grader whom you see below
was our interpreter. Her English is amazing and she did a great job
explaining the rules of the games.

You can tell by the look
on her face that she took
her responsibility very

I like to think that
the sad expressions
on these faces were
because I was leaving.
Little do they know
how much of my
heart I left there with

No departure is
complete without
a song from the

After that I asked
them to sit on the
grass with me for
a picture. I'm in
the middle back
and Edwin is
behind me.

You will remember the post about the tank that my son's church was able to buy for the orphanage. Unfortunately, when the landlord saw the tank, he increased the rent. Thus, there is a need to purchase land and get away from the monthly rent. Hopefully that will become a reality in the future. You may also remember that several friends in the states gave money for them to buy a cow. Hopefully, that will be possible in the next few weeks. Edwin has to talk with the landlord and they may have to "house" the cow some place else.

There are many many orphanages in Kenya. St. Edwin's and the 28 children there have captured my heart and attention. Saying good-bye was not nearly as easy or as much fun as playing the games. I know that others here at RVA will continue the frequent visits to this warm loving orphanage.

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